Alaska Airlines Foundation gives over $160,000 to nonprofits in Alaska and Washington

The Alaska Airlines Foundation is awarding $161,500 to 15 nonprofits in Alaska and Washington. The mid-year grants are the first of two donations the Alaska Airlines Foundation will make this year.

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Should I wind my Torque Wrench Back to Zero?



One very important consideration for re-calibration is how you set your torque wrench after use. Anyone working in torque will have been taught to wind their torque wrench back to zero after every use. However, this is wrong. Certainly if the wrench is wound back at all it should not be adjusted below the minimum scale marking (usually 20% of maximum) – never to zero as this can adversely affect the calibration of the wrench.

Other factors in the way that torque wrenches are used and sometimes abused will have a far greater influence on calibration and the final torque delivered to the fastener than whether the wrench is left ‘wound up.

The solution to insure your torque wrench is giving a correct reading is to have it calibrated regularly. If you are using it daily or casual use, an incorrect reading can cause great damage.

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Watch “Who Makes The Best Ratchet” on YouTube

This is a great informative video I found on YouTube to help make the best decision for you on your next torque wrench purchase.

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