Height Gage Handling Guidlines

height gage

Height Gages are very delicate and expensive instruments, and care must be taken in the use, storage and transportation of these tools. Here are a few guidelines that will help you to keep your Height Gage in good condition:

  • FIRST AND FOREMOST: NEVER, EVER PICK UP YOUR HEIGHT GAGE BY THE COLUMNS. The base of the height gage is very heavy, and picking it up by the columns can damage the tool and send it right out of calibration. We see so many people carrying these tools around like luggage. Be sure that your technicians as well as your drivers are aware of the proper way to carry a Height Gage.
  • ALWAYS  pick up and carry your Height Gage by the base.
  • The base of the Height Gage should be treated like a very large gage block. It has to remain damage free and flat.
  • ALWAYS use your Height Gage on a FLAT SURFACE.  Not just a flat table top, it has to be used on a granite or metal surface plate.
  • If you have to transport your Height Gage, or send it for servicing, pack it in the original shipping container. If that is not available, the tool must be packaged so that it is not touching the side of the box in any way, it must be packed tightly so that it won’t rattle around in the box and cause more damage.
  • When you are not using your Height Gage, slip a plastic bag or pillow case over the top. Besides the user, dirt is the Height Gage’s major enemy, especially when it gets in the gears and under the base.



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