Torque Wrench Facts


Torque Wrench Usage

• All mechanical torque wrenches are calibrated from 20% to 100% of full scale, therefore, they
should never be used below or above those limits
• To determine which torque wrench capacity is best suited for an application, many factors must
be considered. However, as a recommendation, use a torque wrench in the middle 50% of the
overall capacity of the tool. This will result in longer tool life, ease of use for the operator and
increased accuracy from “clicker” type torque wrenches
• Always grasp handle fi rmly in the center of the grip
• Approach fi nal torque slowly and evenly
• Stop pulling wrench immediately when target torque is reached
• Never use a torque wrench to break fasteners loose
• Should be cleaned and stored properly
• Should always be stored at it’s lowest torque setting
• Wrenches should be re-calibrated if dropped. Should never be used in excess of it’s capacity
• Torque wrenches should be “exercised” a minimum of three times at 100% of full scale before
• The wrench selected should be calibrated in the same torque units that are specifi ed
• Use of a “cheater bar” will result in an inaccurate reading and can possibly damage the wrench
• Torque wrenches will last longer if reasonable care is taken. Always unwind handle to the lowest
setting after each use. Do not attempt to lubricate the internal torque mechanism. Clean torque
wrench by wiping, do not immerse. The wrench should be sent to a qualifi ed calibration lab once
every year or every 5000 cycles for re-calibration

Torque Conversion Table
From To  Multiply by From To  Multiply by
ft lb Nm 1.355818 Nm ft lb 0.737562
ft lb mkg 0.138255 Nm in lb 8.850745
ft lb in lb 12 Nm mkg 0.101972
in lb Nm 0.112985 Nm cmkg 10.19716
in lb dNm 1.129848 dNm in lb 0.885075
in lb cmkg 1.152125 cNm in oz 1.416119
in lb ft lb 0.083333 mkg ft lb 7.233014
in lb in oz 16 mkg Nm 9.80665
in oz cNm 0.706155 cmkg in lb 0.867962
in oz in lb 0.0625 cmkg Nm 0.09806


Common Torque Abbreviations 

ft lb = Foot Pound   [lb ft, lbf ft]
in lb = Inch Pound   [lb in, lbf in]
in oz = Inch Ounce   [oz in, ozf in]
Nm = Newton Meter   [N m]
cNm = Centi Newton Meter   [Ncm, N cm]
dNm = Deci Newton Meter
mkg = Kilogram Meter   [kg m, kgf m, kgm]
cmkg = Kilogram Centimeter   [kg cm, kgf cm

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