Robb Precision Tool Services Visits the Largest Private Labeled Torque Manufacture in the World: CDI Torque Products

As the demand for accuracy increases, at an outstanding rate, so does the technology in Torque Products.  To better help their customers meet this demand; Robb Precision visited one of the pioneers in the development of digital torque measurement systems, CDI, a Snap-on owned company.

The technicians received hands on training and education on the new line of Electronic Torque Wrenches and the cutting edge DTC Torque checker.

An exciting new torque tool is the portable DTC Torque Checker. This torque checker is designed to be affordable and enables torque wrench users to conveniently and simply check mechanical and digital torque wrenches for accuracy between calibration cycles, close to where they are used and stored. The DTC features 3 modes of operation, runs on three AA batteries and has a +/- accuracy. Other features include first peak, peak hold and tracking, ft/inch lb and NM and many other options.

The technicians also received training on the state-of-the art digital torque wrenches. These torque wrenches offer the most accurate and fastest way to tighten fasteners in a sequence, with audible beep and vibration that alert you when target torque is achieved.  Most of these torque wrenches have an easy-to-use plug and play software solution and highly programmable features.

Robert Robb, owner “Continued education is essential to meet the demands for increased accuracy and performance. I have had a relationship with CDI, a Snap on owned company for 20 years and became the first stocking distributor of CDI torque products in the United States in 2003. CDI is the largest manufacturer of Torque products in the world and I believe are the best in the industry.”

As a calibration and repair laboratory as well as a sales distributor for CDI products, Robb Precision Tool Services believes it is important to implement the latest in technology of torque products to meet the needs of the metrology industry, including Aerospace, Automotive, Marine and Manufacturing.

About Robb Precision Tool Services
Robb Precision Tool Services is an A2LA ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration lab which follows the A2LA standards with ongoing training and testing to ensure the most recent methods are followed. Specializing in certification, repair and sales including height gages, micrometers, calipers, indicators, ring and thread gages, hardness testers, optical comparators, weighing scales, surface plates, torque wrenches and many more. With over three decades of experience in the field of metrology and torque.

Robb Precision Tool Services is the largest CDI stocking distributor of torque wrenches in the Pacific Northwest and with over two decades of torque wrench experience. We can offer expert advice on what torque product would best suit your needs.

We also offer Mitutoyo, Starrett, SPI, Brown Sharpe and many more precision instruments and torque products.

For more information on the latest in metrology and torque please contact us at (425) 672-7307

Visit our website at  for more information about Robb Precision Tool Services.

Robb Precision Tool Services
2100 196th St SW Suite # 144
Lynnwood, WA 98036

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