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Robb Precision Tool Services visits Mitutoyo

Robb Precision Tool Services visits Mitutoyo America, Los Angeles for the latest electronic components in precision metrology.

  • To implement the new technology Robb Precision Tool Services received educational training at Mitutoyo, the leader in measuring instruments and metrological technology.


  • RPTS knows the growing need for higher precision, faster data results, and the ability to store statistics. Robb Precision Tool Services wanted their technicians to have hands on education of these new tools.



  • The techs were educated on 2D Linear Height gages, Portable Roughness testers,Digital Micrometers and Calipers, Digital Indicators, Depth Measurement systems, Optical Comparators and Vision Systems, Calibration Equipment and many more.


  • The technicians were also introduced to the new Wireless Communication System that can be used on any tool that provides Digimatic data output. Such as, the Digimatic Caliper,Digimatic Micrometer, Digimatic Indicator and Digimatic Height Gauge.  The Wireless system will eliminate the need for data cables when sending measurements to a PC. This new technology will make it easier, smoother and more efficient without the cumbersome data cables.

mit cal

Robert Robb, owner of Robb Precision Tool Services Inc.

“As the requirements for greater accuracy of precision tools are expected, Mitotoyo is meeting these demands. I have had a relationship with Mitutoyo for over 20 years and trust their knowledge and products.”

As a calibration and repair lab, Robb Precision Tool Services understands the need for continued education. With the higher need for accuracy, training in these new technologies is essential to ensure accurate repair and calibration.

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The New Revolutionary Line of CDI Torque Wrenches


  • Built in Calibrationcomputorq-SG
  • Multi-Sensory Indicators
  • Multi-Language Menus
  • Quick Release Ratchet
  • Convenient Data Download
  • Fully Programmable
  • Sequence Programming
  • Calibration Due Indicator
  • Reliable Data Trail


This new line of Electronic Torque Wrenches from CDI Torque Products
is truly revolutionary. They unite torque and angle in a single mode
to provide the most accurate and fastest way to tighten fasteners in
a sequence. In addition to the LED indicator lights, an audible beep
and handle vibration alert you when target torque is achieved.
The rugged all-steel construction is designed to stand up to even
the toughest work conditions. Computorq SG Torque Wrenches are
available with a 1/4″, 3/8″ or 1/2″ drive flex head or a 3/4″ drive fixed
head—all with an easy-to-use plug and play software solution and
highly programmable features.


CDI Torque Products, a Snap-on company is the largest private labeled torque manufacturer in the world. CDI Torque Products have the same accuracy and are assembled right alongside the Snap-On wrenches. 


Finding the right Calibration Labratory

a2la acc                    images

The criteria to look for when deciding on a calibration lab

  • Maintains the highest level of industry quality standards and requirements, traceable to the National Institute of Standard and Measurement.

  • Accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation. A2LA is a non profit 3rd party that accredits calibration labs and preforms thorough assessment of all factors of testing and calibration to the ISO 17025 standard. They also preform regular comprehensive audits to ensure these standards are maintained.

  • All lab technicians have continued education and testing to ensure all recent methods of calibration are being followed.

  •  The company has the software to maintain a calibration production schedule for you with your specific standard requirements and will notify you when your calibrations are due.

  • To provide online view of all your calibration certificates provided by the company.


Optical Comparator Calibration

Robb Precision Tool Services has recently purchased an Optical Comparator which will expand their extensive calibration capabilities to include Radius Gages, Thread Pitch Gages, Thread Mic Standards and other various other gages.

An Optical Comparator is an inspection machine that projects magnified images up to 50x its actual size. The images are put onto a glass screen using illumination sources, lenses and mirrors giving a 2-D measurement. This process allows the technician to measure using the latest technology and error free inspection giving a detailed calibration certification, conforming to the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and traceable to NIST.

PH-3515F_QMThe Optical Comparator also allows the technicians to see scratches, indentations and various imperfections. Many calibration laboratories use the general measurement of a caliper or micrometer, using this method it is impossible to see these imperfections and can be a costly and timely mistake.

If the reference gage is out of tolerance and cannot be calibrated, a new gage is necessary. Robb Precision Tool is a distributor for Mitutoyo USA and can replace the gage, saving time and money.

Robert Robb, owner “We started to receive gages from other calibration labs that were not using an optical comparator, only their trained eye and a caliper. Using this process it is impossible give an accurate reading. We purchased the comparator to give our customers a correct and detailed certification.”


Robb Precision Tool Services is an A2LA accredited calibration lab which follows the International standard ANSI/ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and traceable to NIST. Specializing in certification, repair and sales of precision measuring measurement systems including torque wrenches, micrometers, calipers, indicators, various gages, hardness testers, optical comparators, weighing scales, dynamometers, height gages, surface plates and many more. We have three decades of experience in the field of metrology and torque. We offer great solutions that come from commitment to meeting and exceeding expectations in precision measurement.

Robb Precision Tool Services is the largest stocking distributor in the Pacific Northwest for CDI, a Snap-On owned company. We have over 30 years of torque experience and can offer expert advice on what product will best suit your needs.



Calibration of weighing scales from ounces to 20,000 lbs.

Robb Precision Tool Services is now certified to calibrate any type of scale from a few ounces to 20,000 lbs.

com scale                                              scale (1)

Scale calibration is used to ensure that your weight scale is providing correct information. Scales that are used frequently become worn out and will give an incorrect reading. You cannot afford to have a situation where you thought the weight was correct and found out later it was not. A2LA Accredited Calibration ensures your reading is always correct to avoid this costly mistake.

A scale that is used commercially may need calibration every few months. Although, If your scale is not used for heavy complicated units, calibration should be done every 6 months to ensure that your scale is giving a correct weight.

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