Optical Comparator with 2-D Processing

Optical Comparators are inspection machines that project magnified images of parts onto a glass screen using illumination sources, lenses and mirrors for the primary purpose of making 2-D measurements.

Using an Optical Comparator allows the technician to see the part from the magnified form up to 50 times the actual size.

Very small radii and other featured can be easily checked when enlarged on the screen. Including thread gages, thread standards and specialized tooling.

This saves time, money and will ensure your gages meet specific federal guidelines.



Easy-To-Use Torque Conversion Table

To Convert from:                    To:                         Multiply by:

in.oz                                       in.lb                       0.0625

in.lb                                       in.oz                       16

in.lb                                       ft.lb                        0.08333

in.lb                                       cmkg                     1.1519

in.lb                                       mkg                      0.011519

in.lb                                       Nm                       0.113

in.lb                                       dNm                      1.13

ft.lb                                       in.lb                       12

ft.lb                                       mkg                        0.1382

ft.lb                                       Nm                         1.356

dNm                                      in.lb                        0.885

dNm                                      Nm                          0.10

Nm                                        dNm                        10

Nm                                        cmkg                       10.2

Nm                                        mkg                         0.102

Nm                                        in.lb                         8.85

Nm                                        ft.lb                         0.7376

cmkg                                     in.lb                         0.8681

cmkg                                     Nm                          0.09807

mkg                                       in.lb                        86.81

mkg                                       ft.lb                         7.236

mkg                                       Nm                          9.807

Easy To Use Tap Drill Decimal Equivalent Chart


Have you checked the accuracy of your weighing scale?

Important information for all owners and operators of weighing and measuring devices

Do you check the accuracy of your weighing scales on a regular basis?

The Washington State Department of Agriculture will preform unannounced inspections on all industrial scales used for commercial use. Scales are subject to stringent requirements and rigorous testing before being approved for a COC. 

Be prepared and stay ahead of the game. Have your scales calibrated by a service company or agent that is registered with the State of Agriculture, this this will ensure accurate measurement and prevent device malfunction.  The service agent will provide you with a calibration certification that states it is in accordance to the specific requirements for WA State.

Your Basic Responsibilities

As an owner or operator of weighing or measuring equipment you are responsible for the maintenance and accuracy of your devices at all times. This includes but is not limited to assuring that:

  • The device is suitable for its intended use (by design, capacity, etc).
  • The device has an NTEP Certificate of Conformance.
  • The device is installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • All operating requirements are met such as indicating element visible, users are properly trained, and all transactions begin from a “zero” basis.
  • Suspected device errors or out-of-adjustment conditions are promptly checked and repaired by a registered service agent.
  • Security seals are properly installed on the device adjusting mechanism.
  • Devices are correctly registered with the Department of Revenue, Business Licensing Service.

Click Here for more information Information for Owners and Operators of Weighing and Measuring Devices.

Robb Precision Tool Services is a Service Agent for the Washington Department of Agriculture and can provide calibration for all commercial weight scales from 20oz. to 20,000 with a calibration traceable to NIST standards.













Torque Wrench Checking Made Affordable and Simple to Use

Do you know if your torque wrench is out of tolerance?

Mechanical and electronic torque wrenches require regular calibration because the internal mechanisms can wear, fatigue or become jolted out of accuracy by a drop or misuse.

CDI, a In Snap-on Industrial Brands has created the New DTC Digital Torque Checker. This new technology offers quick, accurate and affordable way to check your torque wrenches as easy as 1-2-3, taking only a few minutes. Simply mount torque checker close to each department where torque wrenches are used,attach the torque wrench to the checker and the accuracy will be displayed on the digital screen.

Features of this new digital torque checker:

  • +- 1% Accuracy
  • 1/2″ dr. 25-250 ft.lbs.
  • Runs on 3 “AA” batteries
  • Includes 3/8″ adapter
  • Features excerciser socket
  • Adjustable sleep timer
  • Track peak and first peak torque force.

The video below will show you the benefits and how to use the Snap-on torque checker which is the same as the CDI Snap-on Industrial brands DTC torque checker.